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AIA CE Course descriptions:

technology studios tour: designing and planning smart buildings

1.5 HSW LU

Tour the new Technology Studios at Integrated Building Systems for this 1.5-hour Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) course. Equal parts showroom and design lab, the Technology Studios feature idea-inspiring mock-ups of integrated technology solutions required for today’s intelligent buildings. You’ll gain insights into improving the design, planning, and budgeting for technology, including audio-visual, sound masking, digital signage, and in-building communications systems.

Show, Share, Stream: AV Tools for Conference Rooms

1.0 HSW LU

How do you transform a conference room into a collaborative, interactive space? Use dynamic audio-visual tools that easily allow people to show, share, and stream information. From classrooms to boardrooms, meetings halls to huddle spaces, AV systems enhance learning, engage audiences, and improve communication and public safety. Offered for small groups at Integrated Building Systems, this course will address design factors and offer hands-on demonstrations of digital signage, video conferencing, and data streaming for modern facilities.

Speech Privacy and Sound Masking in Modern Architecture

1.0 HSW LU

Today's workspaces are trending toward open, flexible, light-filled areas. But the design features that make an office space so appealing can also make it very noisy. This course will cover research on satisfaction levels in workplace environments, design trends and acoustic issues, fundamental acoustic principles, and capabilities of sound masking technology.   Participants will understand how to identify interior design factors that signal the need for sound masking and approaches to address the issues.

Passive Optical Networks: High-Speed, Green Results in Less Space    

1.0 HSW LU

In modern commercial facilities, technology has become a vital utility. As the demand for technology has increased, so has the need for additional space for telecommunications rooms and structured cabling pathways. A Passive Optical Network (PON) can reverse this trend in infrastructure design because it requires less square footage and smaller pathways, not to mention LEED benefits. This course will present the basic design principles of PON and outline its benefits for new construction and renovation projects.

First Responder Communications Seminar

1.0 HSW LU

Did you's your responsibility to make sure emergency responder radios work in your building? Failing a radio-frequency test could put your certificate of occupancy at risk. Make sure you know about new rules that will affect new construction and renovation projects. Offered for groups at Integrated Building Systems, this course will review national, state, and local requirements for in-building communication systems, including design, equipment, and testing.

Why LEED Buildings Kill Cell Signals

1.0 HSW LU

At their best, LEED-certified buildings achieve important environmental and energy goals set by the U.S. Green Building Council, like saving resources and promoting clean energy. But success in meeting LEED standards for building design and construction often means failure for a critical communications function: cellular coverage. Why? Many LEED construction materials block cellular signals. This course will explain why this failure happens and how a distributed antenna system (DAS) can solve the problem.


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