Public Safety: Emergency Responder Radio Coverage

National, state, and local fire codes require all new buildings in central Ohio to provide adequate indoor radio coverage for firefighters and other first responders during an emergency. Failing this radio-frequency test for new construction or major renovations could put your certificate of occupancy at risk. Existing buildings are not grandfathered from this code requirement and may need to undergo testing as well. Integrated Building Systems can help your organization be compliant with these life-safety regulations. We offer RF testing as well as design-build services for distributed antenna systems (DAS) to ensure you pass the test.

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MEET code requirements

Fire code sets specific standards for emergency responder radio systems, including:

  • Minimum signal strength of -95 dBm
  • Waterproof installation using NEMA 4 or 4X-type enclosures
  • Secondary power source that will operate for at least 24hours
  • Specific monitoring points and alarm notifications to assure system availability

Our certified designers will work with the entire project team--building owner, architect, MEP engineer, general contractor, and service providers--to ensure every requirement is met.


pass RF Testing

Fire code requires multiple points of radio-frequency (RF) or spectrum-analysis testing, including pre-, post-, and annual testing for compliance.

Radio-frequency (RF) testing for new construction should be completed as soon as the building is closed in.

For major renovations or existing buildings, the RF testing process is the same.

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Watch our educational video to learn more about requirements for emergency responder radio systems in central Ohio.

The video features Columbus Fire Department Battalion Chief David Ringley and Integrated Building Systems President Chip Chapman, who discuss requirements for design, equipment, budgeting, and testing.

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