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You've probably listened to a TED Talk or Car tune in for TechTalk!

TechTalk is a free, 30-minute teleconference hosted on the third Tuesday of each month by IBS to address your pressing technology concerns.

On June 21, our topic will be: "Can you hear me now? Sound masking for the noisy (and quiet) office."

Noisy offices:

Today's workspaces are trending toward open, flexible, light-filled areas. But the design features that make an office space so appealing can also make it very noisy.

Quiet offices:

Ever feel like you work in a library, except you don't? Quiet offices can be distracting, too, whether your concentration is disrupted by a pin drop or a client's privacy is compromised by unintentional listening.

What you'll learn at this TechTalk:

  • The difference between sound masking, speech privacy, and white noise systems.
  • Major office design factors that impact acoustics.
  • What sound masking systems can and cannot do to impact office noise.
  • How acoustic systems are installed and integrated with existing networks.
  • Budgeting guidelines.

To join this teleconference:

1. Dial Into the Conference: (563) 999-2090 and enterAccess Code: 175018

2. Join the Online Meeting to view slides:
Online Meeting Link:
Online Meeting Id: rchapman8



Call IBS at 614-240-5999.