10 Terrific tech gifts for everyone on your list

With the holiday gift-giving season at hand, what do you have planned for the technology lovers on your list? If you’re scrambling for ideas, use this list of gift ideas from the tech-savvy team at Integrated Building Systems.

From practical ideas to high-tech splurges, these 10 tech gifts are great for anyone on your list.

1.    AA and AAA USB rechargeable batteries. Project Manager Kraig Pritchett’s first tech gift idea is great for everyone (who doesn’t need batteries for remotes and tech toys?) and for the environment. Fewer batteries in the landfill is a great thing! http://www.pilotautomotive.com/electronics/ECOUSBCellBattery.html (Check out items 2-5 for more fantastic gift ideas from Kraig!)

rechargeable batteries.jpg

2.    Journey Flashlight and Charge. Who doesn’t need a reliable flashlight? This one recharges by USB or solar energy, is waterproof, and holds its charge for 7 years. Bonus: this tool also charges your mobile devices! http://hybridlight.com/product/the-journey-250/

rechargeable flashlight.jpg

3.    PhoneSoap 2.0 by Phone Sanitizer. Phone Soap claims that your cell phone has 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom. Enough said, even if you’re not a clean freak! This product destroys 99.99% of germs with a UV-C light technology. https://www.phonesoap.com/

phone soap.jpg

4.    Fuze Card. Planning to give a lot of gift cards this year? Consider one card to rule them all! The Fuze is a secure, slim electronic card with an EMV chip that holds up to 30 credit, debit, or gift cards.https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fuze-card-your-whole-wallet-in-one-card-money-technology#/

Fuze card.jpg

5.    Samsung QLED Curved Monitor. Yes, it’s the ultimate gaming screen—at 49” wide, enough said right there! http://displaysolutions.samsung.com/business-monitor/detail/1135/C49HG90

gaming monitor.jpg

6.    WiFi Baby Internet-Connected Baby Monitor. For parents of young children like Tim Carlson, Technology Design Engineer, a Wi-Fi connected baby monitor is high on the tech wish list this year. Soon, when next-door neighbors invite Tim and his wife for drinks around the fire pit, they can say “yes” while hearing and seeing their baby on their smart phones. As an added bonus, this device has a recording feature to perform double-duty as a security camera while you’re out of town.

wifi baby monitor.jpg

7.    Arcade Games Cocktail Cabinet. For Business Development Manager Tanya Fisher, nothing could be better! This tech toy (it features 60 classic arcade games) goes perfectly with the wine barrel accents in her dining room—maybe yours, too? Looks like the party is at Tanya’s house! http://bit.ly/arcadebarrel

arcade barrel.jpg

8.    RokBlok Portable Record Player. Let’s add some music to the party at Tanya’s! RokBlok is the world’s smallest, wireless record player. Simply place RokBlok on top of any record to instantly listen to your favorite vinyl, anywhere. http://rokblok.co/


9.    Surface Pro 4. IBS President Chip Chapman is hoping for this ultrathin, fast, and versatile laptop. It’s portable, powerful, and easy to use—on the go, at work, for taking notes at meetings and sharing documents and images.

Surface Pro 4.jpg

10.  Catch Box Microphone. Administrative Assistant Tina Parsley wants to add this innovative tool to our next meeting! It’s a colorful, soft, wireless microphone that can be tossed—no more waiting for the hand-held mic to be passed from person to person. https://getcatchbox.com/

Catch Box microphone.png

Happy holidays! And happy shopping!