10 Technology Trends for 2016

What technology trends will dominate 2016?

Entrepreneur recently published "The 10 Biggest Tech Trends for 2016," based on a new report from market research firm Juniper Research. The predictions read like a scene from "The Jetsons":

  1. Virtual reality: New virtual-reality headsets will hit the market for mainstream consumers.
  2. Personal robots: Social robots like the Pepper from Japanese company Softbank interact with (and get to know) people.
  3. Wearable technology: Expect to see more workplace applications, like hands-free communications devices that attach to the arm for the medical profession.
  4. Faster cellphone networks: What comes after 3G and 4G? Yep, 5G, but access to this super-fast network is not expected until 2017.
  5. Cross-platform integration: Tech companies are improving how devices talk to one another, which lets users stream and share information more easily.
  6. Bitcoin technology: Financial institutions are exploring applications of the so-called blockchain technology behind digital currency.
  7. Cloud-enhanced video gaming: It's too early yet for fast, 100-percent, cloud-based gaming services, but the combination of cloud and console will create the most-powerful games of the year.
  8. Video gamers: Expect to see professional video game events selling premium access to online streaming of certain events. This new entertainment outlet offers big prize money to the winners (like the $100K prize money for winners of the Gfinity eSports championship in London).
  9. Data protection: More wearable technology and more connected devices will produce vast amounts of data, in turn requiring newer and more sophisticated means of security.
  10. Equity crowdfunding: New SEC rules allow unaccredited investors to participate, creating new opportunities to raise larger amounts of money online.

No matter the device or application, any successful new technology will offer access to information we want in a way that's fast, secure, reliable, and enjoyable. And like nearly every tech system in use today, emerging designs will rely on quality wired and wireless network infrastructure for connectivity.

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