Cheap USB-C cables can cook your equipment

At home or in the office, you probably have more than one device that uses a Universal Serial Bus (USB) cord. The new USB Type-C plug and port may become universal tools for connecting all of our devices, which is mostly good news. Type-C plugs are reversible (no more struggling to plug a USB in the right way), and they deliver huge amounts of power and data very quickly.

But like any technology, don't buy just any USB-C cables for your electronics. Faulty wiring in cheap cables can fry your equipment instantly. It's a lesson learned the hard way by a Google engineer, who destroyed his Chromebook while testing a Type-C cable. Learn more in this article, "USB-C Cables are playing Russian Roulette with your laptop," from The Verge.

Watch this CNET video to learn more about features of USB-C cables.

Here are the key features of USB type-C that make it the hottest new connection and charging standard.

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