ERRS Seminar Nov. 15: Will your building pass the test?

National, state, and local fire codes require all new buildings in central Ohio to provide adequate indoor radio coverage for first responders.

As a general contractor, architect, property manager, or building owner, you may not know that in order to earn a certificate of occupancy, your building must provide emergency responder radio coverage that meets code requirements set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the state of Ohio, and local jurisdictions.

Will your building pass the test?

Find out how to get your building ready to meet new requirements for emergency responder radio systems (ERRS) at a seminar on November 15 with Columbus Fire Department Battalion Chief David Ringley and Integrated Building Systems President Chip Chapman. You'll learn the latest fire and building code updates and gain insights into radio-frequency testing and system design.

New Columbus guidelines for 2018

Some larger cities like Columbus have drafted their own guidelines to govern ERRS testing, permitting, and inspections. Each local jurisdiction can adopt unique ERRS ordinances; this means that the location of your building and the relevant local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) dictate which codes you must meet.

This fall, the Columbus Fire Department will issue additional ERRS requirements to be effective in 2018. Changes to be discussed at the November seminar include:

  • An ERRS acknowledgement form must be submitted along with building plans to the building and zoning services department.

  • A construction permit will be required to install or modify an ERRS and related equipment.

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Registration is required for this free event, to be held at the Integrated Building Systems offices, 950 Michigan Avenue, Columbus OH 43215.

Architects may earn 1.0 LU/HSW credit for attending.

Questions? Call Integrated Building Systems at 614-240-5999.