Get technology ready for Millennials

Is your business ready to meet the technology demands of the Millennial generation?

Consider some key insights from a 2016 CommScope* study of the Millennial lifestyle, spending habits, and technology priorities:

1. Avoid dismissing Millennials; embrace their preferred communications behavior. Today’s youngest Millennials are 15; the oldest, 35. In five short years they will reach their 40s, a decade when their disposable income can rise dramatically and their purchasing power will dominate global markets.

2. Accurately anticipate, prepare for, and deliver their connectivity and mobility needs. Millennials view high-quality, ubiquitous internet connectivity as commonplace. Nearly 80 percent expect to stream content anywhere.

Two-thirds of Millennials (67%) agreed or strongly agreed that social media is their major form of social communication, compared with only one-third (35%) of Baby Boomers.

3. Provide fast, flexible, reliable, high-quality, on-demand service. More bandwidth is a vital part of any network strategy focused on Millennial customers. Millennials care deeply about the quality, reliability, and flexibility of ultra-fast anywhere connectivity.

50% of Millennials said they would pay 5% of their annual salary for super-fast internet for one year, compared to 22% of Baby Boomers.

4. Focus on deploying high bandwidth, cost-effective, highly agile, converged architecture. Millennials don’t much care about the technical details of the network technology enabling them to experience ultra-fast anywhere connectivity. What they do care deeply about is the quality, reliability, and flexibility of that service. And they care deeply about it right now.





Get Technology Ready for Millennials

What should you be doing to make sure technology is ready to support the Millennial generation? Register for our November 15 TechTalk, “Get Ready for Millennials,” and join a discussion of the steps you should be taking today to update your network.

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* CommScope is a multinational manufacturer of telecommunications products. Download the full report, "Your Network: Now Serving Millennials" at