Great tech gift ideas on our wish list

The clock is ticking...have you made your tech wish list yet? We did!

If you find yourself lacking gift ideas or facing a lackluster list, get inspiration from some tech-savvy folks at Integrated Building Systems. Here's what tops their tech wish list:


Nomad Key for iPhone for Chip Chapman, President

I’m hoping the affordably priced Nomad Key makes it into my stocking. The nifty little $20 device will forever eliminate the stress of leaving a Lightning cable behind, so it is a nice gift for owners of Apple hardware like me.


Logitech Harmony Elite also for Chip

So here’s a gift at a little heftier price tag, but Santa knows I’ve been good this year! The $300 Logitech Harmony Elite is arguably the best universal remote control available on the market today. It can control just about every piece of electronics (it supports over 270,000 devices) in every room of a house or apartment, including TVs, gaming consoles, streaming devices, and sound systems. The remote has Wi-Fi connectivity and a color touch screen, and there's also a free app that can turn a smartphone into a remote. Perfect for a tech-junkie like me!


5 Rotary valve 5/4 compact sized BBb tuba for Eric Evans, AV Design Engineer

This year I’m hoping for music school tech. I would love to get a 5 rotary valve 5/4 compact sized BBb tuba. Silver plated with soft gig and a second hard wheeled case. (Perfect choice for this alumni member of TBDBITL!)


SmartThings for Kraig Pritchett, Project Manager

The SmartThings kit will connect with the Amazon Echo I wished for last year. I like being connected, and the Echo’s voice control doesn’t disappoint. SmartThings allows the Echo to control a variety of smart devices in the home—you can add as many or as few smart devices as you want, choreograph them to work together in one free app, and create a smarter home that automatically reacts as life happens.


Petcube for Rebecca Chapman, Marketing Manager

I confess: I’d love to see what my canine baby does all day at home alone! The Petcube camera system offers a way for curious pet parents like me to keep an eye on our four-legged friends while we’re away. The device starts at $149 and comes with a wide-angle lens that streams video content to your phone.


Nike HyperAdapt for Tanya Fisher, Business Development Manager

Nike HyperAdapt.jpg

My tech wish list/dream list item is the Nike HyperAdapt, the first self-lacing athletic shoe. It brings “Back to the Future” into reality and screams to my inner youth and fond memories.  It is limited and expensive but who would not want to slip in and walk away? Tech in a shoe is just too hot not to strut in.


Tech Wish List for Your Business in 2017

Since it's the season for planning new goals for the new year, you might be mulling over some type of technology upgrade for your business in 2017. Maybe it's time to add digital signage to better communicate with employees and customers -- or replace an old phone system -- or integrate smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Gather your wish list and tech questions and join Integrated Building Systems for TechTalk, our free monthly webinar, on December 13 from 11:30 am to noon. We'll answer your questions, discuss tech trends, and reveal the top 3 items that should be on every business wish list.