Is your structured cabling friendly or fearsome?


As you pry open the door to your deserted telecom room, you hold your breath, your pulse quickens. What lies ahead in the darkness? Will the space be tidy and bright, humming along as the lifeblood of your IT systems … or will it be a dark, tangled web of unidentifiable cables, ready to ensnare you and take down the office?

Fearsome structured cabling like you see below is an absolutely ghoulish nightmare to our team at Integrated Building Systems. The horror of evil craftsmanship and cable management makes every one of our expert technicians shudder.

Tangled webs like these might not haunt your dreams, but their ability to eat company data, slow down connections, and wreak havoc with system errors will make you scream!


If cabling monsters are threatening your IT systems, we can help!

Listen to our TechTalk podcast on “Scary Cabling Nightmares” and discover tips and tricks for taming your telecom room and keeping it a friendly, functioning space forever.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why messy server rooms and closets are so costly and how to get them under control.

  • Dangerous, illegal, and yet all-too-common cabling practices.

  • How to keep structured cabling from getting out of hand and out of budget in the first place.


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