The IBS Holiday Tech Wish List

With the holiday gift-giving season at hand, what will you present to the technology lovers on your list?

If your gift ideas so far are lackluster, get inspiration from a few of the tech-savvy folks at Integrated Building Systems. Here’s what tops their tech wish-list:

Amazon Echo

Kraig Pritchett, Project Manager

Why: I like being connected! Yes, I know I’m always connected via my smart phone, PC, and tablets, but with the Echo I’m connected via voice.  I don’t have to stop what I’m doing to get information, play some music, get the news, or listen to one of the many podcasts I subscribe to. I just have to ask and it’s there.  So yea, this tops my list.


Tanya Fisher, Business Development Manager

Why: I love my tech devices but showing them off and handling them in this world of fast-paced interactions can be awkward. So I want to put an iRing on it! This isn’t ‘til death do you part—it’s removable and reusable. It gives me support as a stand, and adds to my forward flair by expanding the ways I can use my beloved tech devices, especially for taking better pictures at any angle. It even comes with a hook that keeps my device where I want it. Let’s just say I want to put the bling on my tech things!

Beats by Dre – Solo2 wireless headphones

Shannon Dembeck, Permit Coordinator

Why: I love music and wireless freedom! I’ve been coveting my kids’ Beats for about a year now…don’t tell them, but I secretly use them while they’re at school. While they walk around in music heaven, I’m suffering with the tiny, white, pain-in-your-ears, ear buds! I want to enjoy sleek design, great sound quality, and long-lasting comfort…did I mention no wires? And let’s face it, colors like gold and shock yellow are far more interesting than white.

Microsoft Surface 4 with the sixth gen i7 processor, 1 Terabyte solid state hard drive, and 16 gigabyte of RAM

Eric Evans, Audio-Visual Design Engineer

Why: You’ve got to admire the solid magnesium case, 8 megapixel rear-facing camera, and 802.11 AC WiFi, all in a tablet weighing less than 2 pounds. Even sweeter? Bundle it with a Roland Octa-Capture audio interface, rational acoustics Smaart v7 software, ISEMcon SC1 Microphone calibrator, four Lectrosonics TM400 wireless paired with earthworks M30 microphones, and microphone stands. Talk about geeking out on multi-track recording, setting up sound systems, and testing those acoustically challenged rooms properly with one portable package.

iPad Pro

Chip Chapman, President

Why: We're an Apple family--phones, TV, music, Mac book--and we've about worn out our original iPad2 (1.33 pounds, 9.7" screen, 8.8mm case, FaceTime with WiFi that we use even more now with a daughter in college). The new iPad Pro offers a little larger 12.9" Retina Display, thinner 6.9mm case, and still weighs only 1.57 pounds. Most importantly the new A9X chip will nearly double the CPU and graphic performance of our old one, with refined Multi-Touch technology. Plus you know you need the four new High Fidelity speakers that automatically adjust orientation based on how you're holding it for streaming movies and live TV.

At the holidays as well as year-round, contact IBS for advice and help with choosing the best technology solutions to fit your needs.