Help the "IBS Tech Trekkers" raise $5000 to cure diabetes!

On October 4, the IBS "Tech Trekkers" team joined a crowd of thousands at The Ohio State University for the annual fundraising walk held by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Our goal is to raise $5000 for life-changing research projects funded by JDRF. We walked in honor of Joe Chapman, son of IBS President Chip Chapman and Marketing Manager Rebecca Chapman. Joe, now 15, was diagnosed with type one diabetes at the age of 4.

We want Joe, and so many other kids and adults with T1D, to live without daily testing and injections, and without the fear of life-threatening complications from the disease.

That's why we participated again this year in the JDRF One raise money and awareness so we can find a cure! The research projects funded by JDRF have already created medical advances that improve the management of T1D, and they give everyone affected by type one diabetes hope that a cure is in sight, too.

Double your donation!

IBS will match your donation! To donate online, go to www.jdrf.walk and search for "Joe Chapman" or the "IBS Tech Trekkers." If you prefer to write a check, address it to JDRF and mail it to IBS at 950 Michigan Avenue, Columbus OH 43215.

Joe's Story:

Joe was just 4 years old when he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) in 2004. For the past 11 years, Joe has managed the disease with the help of a great medical team, family, friends, school nurses, teachers, a blood glucose meter, and insulin shots. Every day, before every meal and most snacks and at bedtime, Joe uses the meter to prick his finger and test his blood sugar. He does this even more often when he's sick, physically active, or senses his blood-sugar level is dropping. (That's at least 2,500 tests a year.) Joe then injects insulin to help his body process the food he eats. On an average day, he requires 6 injections.

Questions about JDRF or its One Walk event? Call IBS at 614-240-5999 and ask for Chip or Rebecca Chapman.