Meet Business Development Manager Tanya Fisher

Say hello to Business Development Manager Tanya Fisher, who joined the Integrated Building Systems team in 2015.

Tanya Fisher

Tanya Fisher

Every day, Tanya pursues her mission to help customers achieve a holistic technology solution. She often helps business owners solve discrete problems, like choosing new audio-visual collaboration tools for a conference room, upgrading security cameras, or creating mandated radio coverage for first responder communications.

But for customers to get the most value out of any technology investment, Tanya said, it’s critical to make decisions based on an accurate budget at the design stage of any project—new build, office refresh, or even relocation.

“Coordinating technology planning with the owner, architect, MEP engineer, and general contractor is how we help customers stay on budget, avoid delays, and realize the full potential of their new environment,” she explained.

For Tanya, business development in a dynamic field like technology boils down to one word—trust. “I take pride in building trusted relationships and inspiring others through thought, conversation, and education,” she said.


Her professional resume may read like a case study for business success, but Tanya’s personal life story sure sounds like a tall tale. You know, that unbelievable but true story about the teenage girl who nearly died in a lake trying to save her cousin, and then almost drowned years later in a scuba class because the firefighter she was paired with panicked during the buddy breathing exercise?

Yep, and didn’t you hear, when she was a college student, she survived a head-on collision with a semi-truck after her Pontiac LeMans hydroplaned in the slush? Her 5-year-old nephew and passenger told her, “That mean ole [twuck] hit your car bye-bye.”

At least the semi didn’t knock her unconscious and bust open her chin like a horse did when she was really young and naïvely believed a friend who said she could catch a ride if she caught that horse by the tail.

And don’t you know, that same girl was born on April Fool’s Day, a miracle baby to a mother who wasn’t supposed to be able to have any more children?

No fooling. It’s a true tale, as electrifying as the lightning that hit her last year on her front porch.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that Tanya counts her blessings every day, aiming to live life with good humor and as if each day were her last.


A softball player from the age of 7, Tanya credits that playing field as a great classroom for learning business skills like communications, time management, resiliency, and quick decision-making.

Even though three knee surgeries curtailed her college softball career, a course on volleyball officiating and coaching at Ashland University led to her current position behind the plate as an umpire for NCAA for Division II and III and for the National Softball Association.

“It’s really an honor to give back to the game that gave me so much,” Tanya said.


You can do anything in life, but how you do it, how you treat people, and how you pay it back it is your true worth.
— Tanya Fisher

Known for her positive energy and tenaciousness, Tanya credits her father, George Fisher, for giving her the best advice in life: “It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and a moment to lose it.”

Before studying elementary education and business economics at Ashland University, Tanya started her professional career in management for a national retailer, where she returned after college. She traded heels and dresses for steel-toe boots and gloves to work in the contract furniture industry; in later roles, she was an account manager for wireless and fiber solutions. She also founded a branding and design company whose success included a campaign for the American Basketball League.

Responsibility for operations, sales, and project management helped Tanya develop her business acumen. She learned that even when preparing to overcome the biggest obstacles, “It’s the little things that mean the most.”


Tanya says the one word that describes her best is “resilient.” Her colleagues at Integrated Building Systems say she’s also feisty, compassionate, bubbly, and energetic. Learn a little more about Tanya:

  • Hometown: Brunswick, Ohio

  • First job: in high school at Dairy Queen, where she loved to surprise customers by turning their Blizzard upside down

  • Beloved book: King James Version Bible

  • Must-see movie: “Steel Magnolias”

  • Let me eat at: Shade on the Canal in Canal Winchester, Ohio

  • Wonderful weekend: Quality time with people, nature, and loved ones, and quiet time for me

  • Favorite escape: Riviera Maya, Mexico

  • Hobbies: Biking and scuba diving

  • Three cheers for: Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Bengals, and Michigan State Spartans

  • Supports: Efforts to help the homeless and children

  • Sweet-tooth fix: Hershey Bar


Call Tanya at 614-240-5999 or email