Podcast and webinar: Sound-masking solutions for noisy (and quiet!) offices

Are you distracted by an office environment that's too noisy or even too quiet? A sound-masking or speech privacy solution may help your office overcome such acoustic challenges.

Today's workspaces are trending toward open, flexible, light-filled areas. But the design features that make an office space so appealing can also make it very noisy. Quiet offices can be distracting, too, if your concentration is disrupted by a pin drop or a client's privacy is compromised by unintentional listening.

Watch the webinar below or listen to the podcast and learn:

  • The ABCs of effective acoustic design for your office

  • How sound-masking systems work

  • Budgeting guidelines

  • Common myths about sound masking

Schedule a sound-masking demo at your office

Curious to hear for yourself how a sound-masking system could help the acoustics at your office? Contact us to schedule a demonstration at your office. Or set a time to visit our office to see and hear how we use sound masking to manage noise distractions and improve privacy.

Learn more about sound masking

Read "Sound Masking 101" by Cambridge Sound Management to learn more about reducing noise distractions, protecting speech privacy, and increasing workplace productivity.