Technology Planning and Design

Technology is a critical utility for today's workplaces. From wireless networks to audio-visual systems, the technology solutions you rely on for daily work must be reliable, fast, and capable of supporting your organization's needs today and into the future.

Integrated Building Systems will help you achieve the connected environment needed to run your business -- and it all starts with a great technology design. Our process helps you get the most value from your technology investment.

  • Early budgeting. When we're involved at the design stage, our designers* can create a high-level budget with current market costs for all major technology systems.

  • Coordination. We work with the entire project team--business owners, IT staff, architects, GCs, engineers, property managers, furniture vendors, movers, and telecom service providers--to cover all the bases.

  • Design-build expertise. Our team reviews architectural and MEP drawings and applies our industry expertise to eliminate gaps and errors in planning, and keep your project on time and on budget.


* RCDD-Certified designers

RCDD (it stands for Registered Communications Distribution Designer) is the law degree of the telecommunications industry. This certification is noted internationally, and it's your assurance that a technology professional has the experience and knowledge needed to complete a quality project.