Wireless and Cellular Networks

Wireless networks support critical communications, like in-building distributed antenna systems to support and improve cellular service, first-responder systems, and private and guest networks.

Seamless wireless connectivity is expected in today's work places, especially with the ever-growing demand from the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement.

Even though wireless seems to exist simply everywhere, designing and installing wireless networks is complex. Building design, architectural materials, and structured cabling systems all factor into the design, scale, and cost of an effective, reliable wireless solution.

With 20+ years' experience ranging from planning radio towers, educational campuses, commercial complexes, and city and county-wide point-to-point networks, Integrated Building Systems will help you implement a wireless solution that best meets your needs, with a careful eye toward your budget, bandwidth, and future expansion.

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802.11 A, b, g, n, and ac wireless data networks

20Ghz and 60 Ghz unlicensed microwave data networks

In-building cellular repeater, PCS, and amplifier systems for all major carriers

RF engineering, including propagation for licensed andunlicensed radio communication systems

Ethernet and serial telemetry systems for SCADA

Radio towers to support communication systems

Free-space optics networks for wireless fiber optic extensions

Site surveys

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