Boehringer Ingelheim (Roxane Labs)


  • Technology design, audio-visual systems, structured cabling for new Employee Learning and Development Center at Boehringer Ingelheim, Inc.

  • Interior design by BHDP: classroom space, kitchen, cubicles, sound room, and self-contained conference room dubbed the "egg"

  • IBS joined project at the design phase, ideal for ensuring proper infrastructure, budgeting, and behind-the-wall preparation for AV-intensive projects

  • IBS provided technology design and installation for structured cabling, ceiling-mounted projectors and recorders, video screens, desktop computers in kiosks, pop-up Ethernet and power plugs in work surfaces, and a mobile, custom podium


Edward Kubiak, Project Manager for the Capital Projects Division: "We wanted IBS to give our new training space all the latest bells and whistles—projectors, screens, video, sound, and lighting. With these tools, we could offer top-notch training programs, record them, and even create our own in-house training DVDs for our 7 day, 3 shift a day work-force.

"We knew that technology would bring this space to life, and we knew we needed experts on our team for this. Integrated Building Systems was a great partner. Our Learning and Development Center is a technology showplace because of their work.”