Structured Cabling for Voice, Data, and Video

A quality structured cabling system is vital to your business. In fact, poorly designed or installed cabling causes 80% of corporate network problems, like slow data transmission, data errors, or lost files.

IBS makes sure your business operates productively and seamlessly by providing detailed planning and certified installation of structured cabling systems. Our technology designers will:

  • Choose the right type of cabling, based on how important the speed of your network is to your business, how long you plan to be in the space, and your budget.
  • Plan adequate space for equipment rooms and pathways to allow for changes and growth.
  • Obtain manufacturer warranties of 15-25 years.
  • Coordinate projects with your IT staff to ensure seamless integration.

Whether you're building a new office or updating an existing space, we'll help you prevent problems and get a long-lasting, affordable solution. From complex projects to basic updates, our team of certified designers and technicians are ready to help, with 20+ years of experience working with clients commercial, industrial, nonprofit, education, government, hospitality, and health care markets.


Complex project or basic update, we're ready to help:



  • Structured cabling systems, including category 5, 5E, 6, and 6A
  • Cable management: testing, labeling, terminating, certification, as-built documentation
  • Fiber optic backbone, single and multi-mode
  • Moves-adds-changes and restacks
  • Community networks using fiber,  copper, and wireless
  • Data centers, computer rooms, and equipment rooms
  • Building riser and distribution systems
  • Network operation centers
  • Passive optical networking

project gallery:

RCDD-Certified designers

RCDD (it stands for Registered Communications Distribution Designer) is the law degree of the telecommunications industry. This BICSI certification is noted internationally, and it's your assurance that a technology professional has the experience and knowledge needed to complete a quality project. IBS designs are created by technology veterans who've earned this prestigious credential.