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We're passionate about providing technology solutions that help our customers meet their business goals and achieve a return on their technology investment. With our line up of Technology Courses, we educate business owners as well as design and construction teams about technology innovations and best practices that make buildings smarter!

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2018 tech courses:

5 ways the internet of things will impact workplace design

Technology constantly transforms how we interact with our physical environment. The "bring your own device" (BYOD) trend forced an evolution of commercial spaces, creating a demand for seamless connectivity and  flexible work areas. Today, smart devices that network as the Internet of Things (IoT) are disrupting the status quo again. How will the workplace respond? [1.0 LU/HSW for AIA members]


technology studios tour: designing and planning smarter buildings

Tour the new Technology Studios at Integrated Building Systems and see what it takes to create smart spaces for connected and collaborative work environments. The Studios feature idea-inspiring mock-ups that are equal parts showroom and hands-on learning lab. This tour offers actionable insights for designing, planning, and budgeting for A/V, security, and infrastructure solutions. [1.5 LU/HSW for AIA members]


acoustics 101: sound masking and speech privacy

Today's workspaces are trending toward open, flexible, light-filled areas. But the design features that make an office space so appealing can also make it very noisy. This course will cover research on satisfaction levels in workplace environments, design trends and acoustic issues, fundamental acoustic principles, and capabilities of sound masking technology.   Participants will understand how to identify interior design factors that signal the need for sound masking and approaches to address the issues. [1.0 LU/HSW for AIA members]


now that's smart: leed-friendly design for technology infrastructure

As the technology we use gets smaller, the space required to support it in data closets and building-risers grows larger. The LEED-friendly Passive Optical Network (PON) is a technology infrastructure that completely reverses this trend. Find out how PON supports all the high-speed telecommunications systems required for today's smart buildings in less space, with lower capital expenses, and significantly lower utility costs. [1.0 LU/HSW for AIA members]


ready to pass this life-safety test? emergency responder radio systems

Fire code requires all new buildings and major renovations in central Ohio to provide indoor radio coverage for first responders. Failing this mandated test could delay your building's certificate of occupancy. Learn the national, state, and local requirements for Emergency Responder Radio Systems (ERRS), including radio-frequency (RF) testing, design, and installation. [1.0 LU/HSW for AIA members]

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