Business Phone and Paging Solutions

Whether you need basic office phones, a call center, or anything in between, Integrated Building Systems can help you make the best choice for your business. 

Not sure whether you need a digital PBX, hybrid, or VoIP? We'll help you assess the pros and cons of upgrading your business phone system or replacing it entirely, especially if you're facing any of these common challenges:

  • Poor call quality

  • Doesn't offer the special features you want, including an interface with email and smartphones.

  • Can't get new parts because the product was discontinued.

  • Can't make moves-adds-changes easily or inexpensively.

  • Not sure if it's worth moving to your new office.

  • Maintenance costs are too expensive.

  • Not sure if you're ready for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).


  • Evaluate your business needs and present viable solutions

  • Speed up the research and purchasing process, using our knowledge and experience with most vendors

  • Help purchase a system for the best price

  • Evaluate service providers and contracts

  • Upgrade, integrate, or install systems

  • Understand the total cost of ownership, including maintenance, training, and integration with other business technology systems

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