Audio-Visual Solutions

Bring your workspace to life with audio-visual solutions from Integrated Building Systems. Corporate boardrooms, church meeting halls, training rooms, sales floors, classrooms, laboratories...our certified designers have partnered with many different types of organizations in many different settings to find creative yet functional ways for them to incorporate AV systems.

Whether you're building a new office or updating existing space, we'll help you integrate new AV tools that help your business:

  • Improve communication and collaboration

  • Enhance the learning environment in training rooms

  • Update content and control your systems easily so you can showcase your work

  • Engage your audience



  • Multi-media room presentation systems: projectors, video cameras, screens, sound systems

  • Digital signage, video wall displays, interactive displays

  • Integrated controllers

  • Video conferencing and distance learning

  • Smartboards

  • school intercoms and paging systems

  • Cable TV distribution

  • Large-format audio

  • Audio-video control rooms and consoles

  • Sound masking

  • Acoustic room analysis and design services

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