Technology Design Review improves planning and budgeting

Building, updating, or moving your office? It takes a lot of time and careful planning to create the perfect environment. You don't want to waste time and money going down the wrong path, especially with technology. You may find yourself asking:

  • What kind of technology infrastructure do we need?
  • Isn't it included in our construction costs?
  • Can't technology decisions wait until construction is nearly complete?
  • What will it all cost?

Technology is a critical utility for your business. But too often, technology is lucky to be acknowledged with a placeholder in early budgeting. Postponing technology decisions in the construction process creates significant risks:

  • Budget gaps when actual costs exceed placeholder values that cannot be value-engineered back into the project.
  • Sacrifices to the functionality and flexibility of your mission-critical technology systems when the budget runs out.
  • Increased construction costs and project delays due to overlooked infrastructure requirements.

Avoid these risks by scheduling a Technology Infrastructure Design Review in the design phase of your next project!


Get an accurate technology budget early, which helps you prioritize funding for the overall project.

Prevent costly change orders for technology pathways, power, support structures, and cooling systems.

Get the connected technology environment your business needs--and a return on that investment!



How it works:

Ideally, engage IBS during the design phase. But even early in construction, we can help guide critical installation details to avoid project delays.

Our certified technology designers review drawings from your architect and MEP.

We prepare a high-level budget and plan that reflect current market costs for all major technology systems, including cabling, phone, security, wireless, and audio-visual.

Affordable fees:

Fees are based on project size, ranging from $375 for 5,000 square feet to $2,250 for 200,000 square feet.

Keep us on your team for design and integration services and we'll apply a percentage of the fee to those additional services.