Technology integration is critical for today's workplaces. Does your project have a realistic budget in place to achieve it?

Technology is a major building component that every organization relies on every day to run their business.

Yet when it's time to build or update office space, technology is lucky to be acknowledged with a placeholder in early budgeting. More often than not, technology planning is postponed until the furniture, fixtures, and equipment phase of the project.

Why does the timing matter? Delaying technology decisions until late in a project creates risks like these:

  • Financial decisions for the overall project based that don't include realistic costs for must-have technology.

  • Project delays and cost overruns due to overlooked infrastructure requirements.

  • Compromised connectivity and inflexible system designs.

To prevent these problems, Integrated Building Systems conducts a Technology Design Review for building owners and architectural design teams that helps them plan and budget for technology early in the design process.

technology design

our process:

Our certified technology designers review architectural and MEP drawings, ideally during the design phase. (But even early in construction, we can help guide critical installation details to avoid project delays.)

Next, we complete a gap-analysis report for all major technology solutions, including the cabling infrastructure, audio-visual systems, security, wireless, and data networks.

Finally, we prepare a high-level budget that reflects current market costs.

technology integrator

Affordable fees:

Fees for the Technology Design Review are based on project size, ranging from $375 for 5,000 square feet to $2,250 for 200,000 square feet.

Keep us on your team for design and integration services and we'll apply a percentage of the fee to those additional services.

technology planning


Get an accurate technology budget early, and use it to prioritize funding for the overall project.

Prevent costly change orders for technology pathways, power, support structures, and cooling systems.

Get the connected technology environment your business needs, and a return on that investment.