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Technology wish list for 2017

Have you made your technology wish list for the New Year? In this TechTalk, find out 5 technology trends for 2017, including tips for business phones, audio-visual systems, hosted services, and security cameras. Plus, learn the top 3 items that should be on everyone's technology to-do list in 2017.


Get your network ready for millennials

Is your network ready to meet the technology demands of the Millennial generation? This webinar explores a new study of the lifestyle, spending habits, and technology priorities of Millennials and outlines what you need to do to get ready to meet their expectations for fast, flexible, anytime-anywhere connectivity.



What's trending in AV for the modern conference and meeting room? New audio-visual systems can improve communication and collaboration, enhance learning environments, and engage audiences. But what tools make it happen? What questions should you be asking? How do you keep AV cost-effective? Whether you need to outfit a corporate board room, huddle space, classroom, or training facility, listen to this TechTalk to get ideas for your space.


sound masking for noisy (and quiet) offices

Today's workspaces are trending toward open, flexible, light-filled areas. But the design features that make an office space so appealing can also make it very noisy. Quiet offices can be distracting, too, whether your concentration is disrupted by a pin drop or a client's privacy is compromised by unintentional listening. Listen to this TechTalk and learn office design factors that affect acoustics, what sound masking systems can and cannot do, and budgeting guidelines.


scary structured cabling nightmares

Don't let your technology systems get trapped in a web of structured cabling. Scary! Tangled webs of cabling may not haunt your dreams, but you probably would lose sleep over lost company data, slow connections, and chronic system errors. All these nightmares happen because of sloppy cabling. In this TechTalk, learn why messy server rooms and closets are so costly and how to get them under control; dangerous, illegal, and yet all-too-common cabling practices; and how to keep structured cabling from getting out of hand and out of budget in the first place.