Meet Account Executive Anita Rymer

Say hello to Anita Rymer, an Account Executive at Integrated Building Systems who joined the team in October 2018. Anita helps Central Ohio businesses gain the technology infrastructure and IT systems they need to create “smart” work environments, whether they’re building, updating, or moving office space.

Say hello to Anita Rymer!

Say hello to Anita Rymer!

For Anita, helping customers achieve their technology goals is like putting together a puzzle.

“Technology changes so fast that it’s challenging for businesses to know what’s available to them, much less what they need,” Anita said. “We help identify the best solutions for their budget, then we put those pieces together and build a very customized solution.”

Positive people

The entire team at Integrated Building Systems rallies around three core values: a Can Do-IT Attitude, a Desire to Own IT, and Pride in Doing IT Right. To Anita, those values affect every day actions, like communicating honestly with customers and performing like your reputation is on the line.

Our team has a long history of being a trusted, local resource and that’s an important legacy to continue.
— Anita Rymer

“I really enjoy the people here,” Anita said. “They show a mutual respect for one another, and it creates such a positive working environment. Our team has a long history of being a trusted, local resource and that’s an important legacy to continue.”

She describes working at Integrated Building Systems as fun, challenging, and exciting. “There’s so much happening right now—we’re incredibly busy. It’s exciting to see our projects come to life and to help our customers succeed,” Anita said.

“Always have AAA”

When asked to recall the best advice she ever received, Anita quickly recounted sage words from her older brother and father.

“My brother always told me, whenever you travel on business, you are representing your company. Behave that way!” Anita recalled.

“My dad told me to always have AAA,” she said with a smile. “And I suppose I’d add my own advice, which is always say ‘thank you.’ Who doesn’t appreciate a kind word? Be kind to other people.”

Get to know Anita

First job: Selling shoes at Kallenkamps in her hometown of Newark, Ohio

Siblings: 3 brothers and 2 sisters

Animals: 30 chickens, 2 cows, 1 dog

Studied in college: Industrial design, painting, and printmaking

Hates: Spiders

Adores: Massages

Loves this book: “A Bold Fresh” by Bill O’Reilly

Favorite flick: “Gone with the Wind”

Funny bone: Anything from Mel Brooks or Rodney Dangerfield

Find her on the weekend: Kicking back, hanging out at home, taking the dog for multiple walks, grilling

Words to live by: “Tough times never last. Tough people do” ― Robert Schuller

Great getaway: Key West, Florida

Sweet talk me with: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Connect with Anita

If you’d like to talk about technology planning, chickens, cows, or Mel Brooks movies, contact Anita at 614-240-5999,, or on LinkedIn @anita-rymer.