Meet Technology Design Engineer Tim Carlson

Say hello to Tim Carlson, who joined the IBS team in March 2016 as a Technology Design Engineer.

Tim Carlson

Tim revels in learning how things work, exploring possibilities, and solving problems. In fact, his parents would tell you he was destined for a career in technology. They say that Tim’s first phrase as a baby was “Light on—light off” because of his fascination with a light switch that he observed while sitting in his high chair.


Joining the IBS team gave Tim a work environment that matched his personal values. “The IBS team is a group of people who care about what they do—we have a passion for quality work,” he said. “I like that we put a lot of thought into the details and follow through on our commitments, which builds strong relationships with our customers.”


On every project, Tim enjoys working alongside colleagues who take pride in their work and who value the personal reward of doing their best, whether it’s ensuring the proper alignment of structured cabling on a data rack or customizing wireless collaboration tools for training rooms.

“Our customers trust that we’ll work on a solution until it’s great,” Tim said. “At the end of the day, I enjoy the personal reward of knowing we earned our customer’s confidence.”


Tim earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University, with a minor in Industrial, Interior, and Visual Communication Design. In his new role at IBS, Tim puts many complementary skills to work—including his knowledge of programming, electronics, and analytical problem-solving.

“I enjoy applying an engineering mindset and problem-solving method to my work at IBS,” Tim explained. “Our approach is both methodical and creative. We apply best practices while we research new approaches, which really appeals to my passion for learning.”


Every day, Tim thrives on opportunities to learn new things and discover novel solutions. Tim laughed, “At home, I’m sure I drive my wife crazy with home-improvement projects because I always want to know, ‘What else can be done?’”

At work, a customer recently asked IBS to design audio-visual solutions for a new training village, which mimics a suburban neighborhood. In addition to broadcasting, recording, and collaboration tools inside the training center buildings, IBS suggested a creative way to add realistic sound effects outside, using landscaping speakers to broadcast recordings of barking dogs and children at play.

“To me, this project was the best of all worlds—it was an opportunity to explore new applications while putting best-practices to work,” Tim said.


“Curious” is the one word Tim would use to describe himself. His IBS colleagues say he is a quiet force, thorough, diligent, and a quick study. Learn a little more about Tim:

  • Hometown: Grandview Heights, Ohio
  • Can’t live without: Caffeine, and learning about new things
  • First job: W.G. Grinders, a sandwich shop where he served as cook, cashier, and dishwasher, having fun with friends who were his coworkers and learning the complexity of owning a business
  • Fantastic family:  Erica, his wife, and children Suzie, 2 ½ years old, and Linus, 8 months old
  • Favorite book: “How to Win Friends and Influence People”
  • Best way to spend the weekend: Going to a park with his family and to a restaurant with friends
  • Best advice: From his parents—“Trust your skills. Try your best.” From his wife—“Don’t overthink it.”
  • Weekend warrior: Regular shopper at Home Depot for projects around the house, often with his kids in tow to inspire their own sense of creativity and problem solving
  • Sweet-tooth fix: Swedish Fish


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